Pedestrian Safety

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About Us The pedestrian safety committee in our neighborhood works in cooperation with the Prospect Avenue Association and the RiverEast Community Alliance in the City of Milwaukee.

Our major concerns include snow and ice control to allow safe passage on winter streets and sidewalks, pedestrian crossing improvements, sidewalk obstructions and similar concerns. We seek safety improvements in crossings, repairing defective sidewalks, streetlight and traffic signal outages through contact with the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.
How You can Help
Download the Snow and Ice Action file. Print it and keep the information for when you find a problem. You might also use it to remind property owners in your neighborhood about their part in keeping our sidewalks and crossing safe.
Who is Responsible?
Property owners are required to clear their sidewalks withing 24 hours after the end of accumulation of snow or ice. The city will enforce this by taking action if the owner doesn't. But we need you to tell the city or tell us.
Where to Report
If you are not comfortable contacting the property owner or the city, please use the e-mail link below to send a note. Include your name and a description of the location with snow or ice that should be removed. We will contact the property owner. If that does not help, we will call the city.

Send E-Mail << Click on this link to send us mail about a problem with snow, ice, or other pedestrian safety hazards.

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November 5, 2009